The whiteness

Blanc Bijou : Eternal White

White is a colour unlike any other. Since ancient times, it has been prized in Japan as a symbol of sacredness and purity. When any colour is brightened, the closer it draws to white the brighter it becomes. White is the colour that surpasses all others and contains all others. It is the starting point of all things in this world, the blank page. Even today it holds possibilities still unknown. Its value is absolute, transcending time and space.

BLANC BIJOU is a material of purest white that never degrades or discolours. Its whiteness lends it a mysterious presence unmatched by any other. It shines like no other material on Earth, as if with an inner light or heavenly luminescence, yet it glows with the warmth of a living tissue. Hold it in your hand, and you notice immediately both its heft and its silky smoothness. The fascination of this fine and delicate material is linked with the spiritual aesthetic of the Japanese people. Physically stable, this material does not change or degrade in the natural environment. This is BLANC BIJOU.

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