The clear and evanescent lines of the ''Beluga'' factory in Nagano, Japan, are reflective of BLANC BIJOU’s image, the exceptional material produced within its walls.

An immaculate white material whose mechanical resistance is the same as concrete, resistant to the heat and chemical attacks? A singular material that challenges the passage of time remaining eternally white? This material is BLANC BIJOU, a name chosen by its young founder Hide Kasuga. Fourth-generation of the company NiKKi Fron, founded in 1896 by his great-grandfather, Hide Kasuga became CEO of the company in 2009. He reveals to his staff the beauty of the material which until then was only applied to the industry, that never struck them. Originally, it was a fluoropolymer coming from a semiprecious stone: the fluorin. Cut down fine grains are compressed into a solid and then warmed up to a very high temperature, it brings to life a fluoropolymer which has been used in the Japanese cutting-edge industries for 50 years: chemistry, automobile, semiconductors, medical implants. BLANC BIJOU is born from the particular attention given to the aesthetic qualities that offers this material.

In the post war Japan, the fluoropolymer has been named "Shiroi Hoseki" meaning White Stone (Blanc Bijou in French) due to its rarity and its exceptional qualities. Hide Kasuga attempts today to suggest to contemporary art designers this material as a new form of artistic expression. The company's head office is in Paris where we met the founder but the manufacturing plants are located in Nagano, at the foot of the Japanese Alps, in an environment favourable to the production of this singular material.

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''Now ! Design à Vivre'' MAISON & OBJET fair- January 2012

"The High-Light material of the year 2012"

The innovative BLANC BIJOU material was selected out of more than 3,000 new products as the most sigificant new cutting-edge material for top quality creators and designers. BLANC BIJOU was named High-Light Material 2012 at « Now! Design à Vivre » during the MAISON & OBJET fair in Paris.

Le SAFI (Salons Français et Internationaux) represented by Monsieur Etienne COCHET invited Mr Hideyuki KASUGA to introduce the sector to NiKKi Fron's exclusive production process and its unique material, BLANC BIJOU. In a 400 sq.m. display area, this process and the production of an original work made from BLANC BIJOU was demonstrated live in the show, revealing its transformation from a rare mineral, fluorite, into product solutions for use in cutting-edge industries (health, aeronautics, robotics...). This approach, revealed to the public for the first time since NiKKI Fron was founded, offers designers and art professionals the chance to discover the full potential of BLANC BIJOU.

This event also coincides with 115 years of innovation at NiKKi Fron, and the official launch of BLANC BIJOU. This project, initiated by Mr hide kasuga, is result of the marriage between Japanese technology and French artistic sensibility, and a spirit of research and forward-looking inquiry handed down from generation to generation since 1896.

A new vision of design and art.
  • BLANC BIJOU scenographie Maison & Objet 012012-OK 2
  • Maison et Objet exposition A
  • BLANC BIJOU Maison et Objet material process-OK 2
  • Maison et objet janvier 2012 C

Fine Art Asia 2012 Hong Kong

  • Galerie Pierre.M Dumonteil
October 2012

Official presentation of the rabbit JOKIO 27 x 19 x 19 cm, the very first sculptur designed in the BLANC BIJOU material. Jacques Owczarek, french sculptor living in Paris, is the first artist edited in BLANC BIJOU. The rare rabbit is invited in the VIP ROOM of the French consulate of France in Hong Kong and Macao. The rabbit JOKIO is considered as the masterpiece of the fair.


  • DOMINIQUE BOUCHET (c)slama_3
A jewel of table

Dominique Bouchet  realized his dream. The goodness and the beauty touched his heart. He lives between France and Japan,his second motherland.
He was only 17 years old, when he left for Paris from his hometown, Charente ; the young man had already made a long trip in his mind. He liked the savory, provincial, favorable and simple dishes.  
He worked hard and passionately, and it was when he was 20 years old that he was hired by Joël Robuchon for the opening of the restaurant of the hôtel Concorde Lafayette. After 2 years,he became Joël Robuchon’s righ hand.
Dominique Bouchet  entered in the sphere of a chef with the star that he would never leave. From 1978, he became the top-chef in the restaurant  «Le Jamin» (Paris), he achieved two-stars of the Guide Michelin. In 1981, Claide Terrail entrusted him with the post of the top-chef of the restaurant  «La Tour d’Argent», and assigned him for opening a new restaurant in Tokyo.  

Dominique Bouchet discovered Japan when he was 27 years old, and became the youngest three-stars chef of the Guide Michelin.It was the turning point in his career as a chef.
Going back to Charente, he opened his own restaurant, «Le Moulin de Marcouze», near by Cognac, two-stars restaurant that he had been holding for 12 years.
Paris missed him. Later, Dominique Bouchet was invited to "Hôtel de Crillon" as the executive chef.
In 2004, he finally founded his restaurant  «Restaurant Dominque Bouchet» on the Treihard street, 8th ward of Paris.
He is quite familiar with Japan, and has  developed a good relationship.In Japan, he exports and imports fine products. In the land of Nippon, Dominique Bouchet let himself fascinated and keeps his sincere and generous temperament.
In July 2013, he is going to establish the first restaurant as Dominique Bouchet in Ginza, Tokyo.
BLANC BIJOU impresses this chef as a bridge between the innovation and the tradition of the art of life in France and Japan.This is the encounter with hide kasuga, creater-founder of BLANC BIJOU that is awarded «High-light material of the Year 2012»  and therefore the official reception was held in the Embassy of Japan.The eternally white material made from the fluorite, its smooth touch,  infinitely sensitive form has an elegance like marble. BLANC BIJOU «Table Art» is born this way.

Distribution : Dominique Bouchet 11, rue Treilhard 75008 Paris.
  • Jewel box for caviar (closed)
  • Jewel box for caviar (opened)
  • Vegetables and citrus fruits dish
  • Swallow's nest
  • Samurai starter
  • Ginza set

Octogonal Monument 2012

  • Octagonal monument
June 2012

The Octogonal Monument is the first Architecture dressed in BLANC BIJOU Material.
The monument is designed by an architect based in France. The Octogonal Monument stands up at the North East of Japan.


  • hide kasuga and the French Consul
January 2013

hide kasuga presents the rabbit JOKIO designed by the French Sculptor Jacques Owczarek to mister Arnaud Barthélémy, the French Consul of France in Hong Kong and Macao.
The number «89» is dedicated to mister Barthelemy in reference of the history of France.

Launch of the rabbit miniture JOKIO in Paris

  • Jokio chez Mauboussin
February 2013

Edition of the JOKIO rabbit in 5 cm heigh. This limited edition is signed and engraved under 500 samples.
The Maison MAUBOUSSIN supports this launch offering a special visibility to this new piece of art of the french sculptor Jacques Owczarek.

Residence of His Excellency Mr Ichiro Komatsu, Japanese ambassador in Paris

  • Résidence de l'ambassadeur du japon
To mark the official unveiling of a work of contemporary art made from BLANC BIJOU, Mr Hide kasuga presented a sculpture of a rabbit made from BLANC BIJOU, whose eyes made from precious stone, fluorite, to Mr Ichiro Komatsu, the Japanese Ambassador to Paris.

This unique object was designed by Mr hide kasuga. Entitled "hide kasuga 1896", it pays tribute to the origins and founder of the family firm which since become NiKKi Fron. This gift symbolises the strong link between the arts and technology and the traditions that bind French and Japanese nations.
A symbol of purity, with a high sensory value, BLANC BIJOU is eternally white and benefits from a unique feel, representing the unity of our peoples and our innovative vision.

To mark the presentation of this gift, Mr hide kasuga presented Jacques Owczarek, the French sculptor chosen to demonstrate the potential uses of BLANC BIJOU in the contemporary arts, to His Excellency Mr Ichiro Komatsu.

Born in 1961, Jacques Owczarek lives and works in Paris. His meeting with Mr hide kasuga literally changed his vision of sculpture and materials. The work produced in BLANC BIJOU, a rabbit called JOKIO, will be officially presented to collectors at the FINE ART ASIA international art fair in Hong Kong in October 2012. This will mark the meeting between the traditional values of ancient art and innovation in a unique, quality material designed to stand the test of time.
  • Lapin
  • Excellency Mr Ichiro Komatsu, Jacques OWCZAREK, Hide KASUGA

Press release : official presentation of the first sculptur designed by BLANC BIJOU

  • UP MAGAZINE dot com mai 2013 c
An exceptional rabbit: first sculpture created by BLANC BIJOU to be officially presented to collectors in FINE ART ASIA HONG KONG. The rabbit JOKIO is the first sculpture created by BLANC BIJOU.

BLANC BIJOU is a special material made from a rare and precious material. Having an eternal whiteness and unique touch, this is an exception in the world of art works.
This unique piece of work of Jacques Owczarek will be presented to collectors in FINE ART ASIA in Hong Kong, from 4th to 7th October, 2012.
An exceptional material which is made of a rare material: fluorite. An eternal whiteness. A soft, sensual sense of touch.
This unique material was presented in the International Exhibition “Now design à vivre” in Paris Maison et Objet in January 2012. They were elected as the High Light material of the year.

Sculptor Jacques Owczarek met hide kasuga, the founder of BLANC BIJOU, in Paris. He then included the material BLANC BIJOU in art and rare, unique works. He looked for a new material for his works and BLANC BIJOU inspired him a new creation perspective. According to him, it’s an “absolute peace created by its whiteness and its unique touch.”
BLANC BIJOU established a new relation among sculptures, works and their touch. According to Jacques Owczarek, this unique material opens up new view of creation for artists and designers, and offers new experiences to collectors.

The work of Jacques Owczarek will be officially presented in the occasion of FINE ART ASIA in Hong Kong, from 4th to 7th October, 2012, by La Galerie Pierre DUMONTEIL.

The innovation of BLANC BIJOU is a private and personal initiative of hide kasuga, research engineer in chemistry. It is based on a family business whose story began in 1896. Initially specializing in hemp and flax trading, la Maison kasuga is internationally recognized in its
The NiKKi Fron park in Nagano - Japan quality of its fabrics, since 1944, a cluster of research and development of innovation was established, it is specialized in the production of decoration made in hemp and silk and the design of polymers. In 2009, when hide kasuga took the lead of the family group NiKKi Fron, the financial crisis has already spread abroad.
By looking into the potential of the craftsmen of the group and the capacity to innovate NiKKi Fron, he decided to improve the formula of the fluropolymer to obtain absolute whiteness.

The Philosopher’s stone of the 21st century is born.
Fascinated by the result – its whiteness and its exceptional sense of touch, hide kasuga created the BLANC BIJOU project and decided to establish the headquarter in Paris, in view of its French culture and the openness of the creators he met during his various stays and studies in France.

The goal of hide kasuga : to create rare objects, in limited or unique edition
Two years will be necessary for him to study the forms and create an inventory of possibilities.
In 2011, while the family company celebrates its « 115 years of innovation », the brand’s functional values of products of the leading sector evolved, towards the sensory values. BLANC BIJOU expresses the sensitive side of the world. It also indicates the marriage of science and sensibility : a new world of innovation and design which opens up our most creative side.
To mark the occasion, the Japanese government entrusted Mr. hide kasuga with the mission of promoting Japanese culture abroad, based around BLANC BIJOU’s activities, values and vision.
Hong Kong is a place of particular symbolic importance for BLANC BIJOU. The rare fluorite mineral, from which the innovative BLANC BIJOU is made, was discovered by British scientists around the 17th century. British fluorite is the most famous to give off beautiful fluorescent by ultra violet. Fluorite was named from the Latin language "fluere" by French scientists in the 19th century. The biggest deposits of this rare material are found in China. The marriage between Japanese innovation and French artistic talent are combined in this unique work produced using highly specialized craft techniques.

A new era of exquisite creation has begun for top creators and collectors.
The work is represented by La Galerie Pierre DUMONTEIL Paris, New York, Shanghaï.
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  • Kong Kong Economic Journal 28 septembre 2012
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