About this material

What is the raw material of BLANC BIJOU?
A fine stone : the fluorite. This mineral is used in the chemical industry for sophisticated conceptions. The fluorite is compressed into powder and fired in a kiln to produce blocks. Its surface is polished by the hands of seasoned craftsmen to bring out its alluring luster.

Why does BLANC BIJOU remain eternally white?
BLANC BIJOU is created from a rare and natural mineral : the fluorite. The raw material and the applied process enable to obtain its eternal whiteness.

In which material BLANC BIJOU is shaped?

Standard-form blocks, cubes, plates, cylinder,... are cut by special machines with high precision, before undergoing an ultimate polishing performed by the hands of seasoned craftsmen. These techniques of enhancement of its plastic and mineral qualities give BLANC BIJOU its originality, it isn't a material designed for high-quality forming in mould.

Where the differences between the luster of BLANC BIJOU and the other materials come from?
The NiKKI Fron factory which produces and shapes BLANC-BIJOU material, relies on a large number of seasoned craftsmen with a high expertise. These professionals perform a wide range of surface treatments. It permits to bring to light the luster of this unique masterpiece that constitutes every piece designed in BLANC BIJOU.

What are the main current applications of this material?

Fluoropolymers and polymers are composed solely of fluor and carbon and share the same properties as BLANC BIJOU. They have been used for a long time in the wide range of Japanese cutting-edge industries : chemistry, automobile, semiconductors, medical implants. BLANC BIJOU is born from the attention given to the sensual and aesthetic values of these materials and from the research to bring them to the highest degree of quality.

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