Incomparable potential, cultivated in the most advanced fields of industry

Fluoropolymers, which have the same characteristics as those of BLANC BIJOU, have supported the advanced industries at various times in Japan’s history. For their superb chemical resistance, these materials are used in applications such as coating for the piping, valves and tanks in chemical plants.

In the automobile and transportation fields, their superior heat-resistance and smoothness make them excellent replacements for brake-system and power-steering parts made of metal and other natural materials, which deteriorate rapidly.

Supported by their extraordinary chemical stability, fluoropolymers are attracting mounting interest for the production of artificial joints and hearts as well as humanoid robots. In short, fluoropolymers are rising steadily in value in a wide range of fields both near to and far from the consumer experience, and have even begun to be implanted in people’s bodies. Yet their unique aesthetic appeal and the beguiling character of their purest, eternal white have gone virtually unnoticed.

Until now, for half a century NiKKi Fron Co., Ltd., one of Japan’s foremost material developers, has led the charge to apply fluoropolymers in a wide range of cutting-edge industries. As the functional value
of fluoropolymers rose steadily, NiKKi Fron has partnered with universities and research facilities across Japan to develop an array of ultra-value-added applications, including components that can be implanted in the human body. As NiKKi Fron steadily enhanced the material’s grade, appealing to people on an emotional and spiritual level, BLANC BIJOU acquired a complementary aesthetic value.

Note: Fluoropolymer: A polymer (large molecule of repeating structural units) composed solely of carbon and fluorine. Its elegant molecular structure ensures high stability.

  • Chemicals


    Fluoropolymers are used as coating for piping, valves and tanks in chemical plants for their strong chemical- and heat-resistant properties. They are also applied in the manufacture of flexible pipes for their excellent workability.

  • Automobile and transportation industries

    Automobile and transportation industries

    Heat-resistance and smoothness make fluoropolymers ideal materials for parts such as brakes, power-steering systems and sensors. These fields require highly sophisticated mass-production techniques.

  • Robotics and medicine

    Robotics and medicine

    The joints used in humanoid robots must be fashioned of materials of exceptional smoothness. Thanks to their superior chemical stability and biocompatibility, fluoropolymers are attracting growing interest in applications such as artificial joints and organs.

  • Semiconductors


    The materials used in cleaning processes for the silicon wafers used to form semiconductors must pass stringent requirements for chemical and heat resistance. NiKKi Fron is further expanding the range of applications for these materials by developing exclusive adhesion technologies.