Workability and our lineup of blanks

Unlike the wide variety of ceramic, metal and plastic goods that surround us, BLANC BIJOU objets cannot be mass-produced. Each one must be individually sculpted by the deft hands and keen eyes of a seasoned artisan. Shaping the soft BLANC BIJOU without the slightest error is so demanding that only highly skilled craftspeople can perform the work, often wielding dedicated equipment. Complete mastery of dozens of surface finishing and polishing techniques is required. Yet anyone who sees and touches the surface of a BLANC BIJOU objet immediately recognizes that this material is truly different. It is a true original whose unique smoothness and feeling of quality defies comparison with other materials.

NiKKi Fron, the company that created BLANC BIJOU, is heir to more than a century of tradition in craftsmanship, owing to an apprenticeship system developed and handed down over generations. Backed by this technical proficiency, NiKKi Fron has made practical an adhesive technology only recently thought impossible, so that BLANC BIJOU oeuvres can be fashioned in any size.

While NiKKi Fron uses sophisticated carving machinery, BLANC BIJOU can be worked using standard sculpting tools. BLANC BIJOU can even be worked at home or in a modest atelier. This selection of sculpting blanks is made available so interested persons can touch this revolutionary medium for themselves. The experience may even cause untapped talent to bloom within you.