A Material of magical qualities supported by its chemical stability

The chaste white of BLANC BIJOU never dims or discolours, even over centuries. This physical property is exceedingly rare in nature. Its whiteness is defined in precise numerical fashion by utterly excluding all impurities in the fabrication process. To perfect the singular, translucent white of BLANC BIJOU, NiKKi Fron conducted many years of tireless research and development.

The incredibly stable molecular structure of BLANC BIJOU also makes it virtually immune to a wide range of environmental effects.

Thanks to a low friction coefficient, BLANC BIJOU is pleasingly smooth and soft to the touch. Other substances do not adhere to its surface, rendering the material impervious to dirt and eternally white. Neither UV light nor acids nor alkalis deform or degrade BLANC BIJOU, and its peerless weather-resistance makes it amenable to a range of outdoor uses.

The wondrous properties of BLANC BIJOU, many of which remain untapped, are today prompting a reappraisal of this miraculous material from an aesthetic perspective.

The rarity of the fluorite from which it is fashioned; its beautiful, translucent and eternally pure white; its warmth and softness to the touch; and its solid, weighty feel all attest to the expressive potential of BLANC BIJOU. By finishing the material to exacting purity and smoothness, NiKKi Fron has brought forth a material of startling originality.

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