Hideyuki Kasuga is the fourth-generation descendant of the founder of the compagny created 115 years ago that later became Nikki Fron.

"When I assumed the post of president of NiKKi Fron in 2009, I became the Company’s fourth president since its foundation 115 years ago. This was the year when the financial crisis touched off a worldwide recession, and needless to say NiKKi Fron confronted an extremely difficult business environment. It was then that I began to recognize the compelling beauty of fluoropolymers, a class of high-performance materials NiKKi Fron had been handling for over half a century.

I was convinced that the aesthetic value locked within this incredible material would appeal to the hearts and souls of discerning people around the world, regardless of the prevailing recessionary environment. Marshaling the expertise NiKKi Fron had been accumulating for over a century, I set to work developing
a grade of fluoropolymer of surpassing purity. The result was BLANC BIJOU, a material of peerless pure white and unearthly beauty. I immediately decided to establish the BLANC BIJOU brand in Paris, the center of the world of fine arts.

I believe that BLANC BIJOU is proof of the depth and richness of Japan’s manufacturing traditions. The eternal white of BLANC BIJOU bespeaks a quiet, understated luxury. It mirrors the soul of the Japanese craftsman. Through BLANC BIJOU, I hope to convey the subtle aesthetic of Japan to a worldwide audience.
BLANC BIJOU is a genuine material born of Japan’s manufacturing traditions. Based on my many years of research in Paris, this beautiful international city of culture and refinement, I am proud to unveil the beauty and expressive power of BLANC BIJOU, a material like no other."

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